Mary Thiessen

Mary Thiessen

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President & Owner

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Marben Sales and Consulting

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Winnipeg, MB Canada

I have been interested in Alternative Health Options all my life. I grew up on a farm and all our fruits and vegetable were organically grown. I still have an organic garden.

Our youngest daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy and that intensified the alternative health search.

Ortho-Bionomy was a great help with her. Ortho-bionomy is a very gentle, non-invasive body work that assists the body to do it's own healing. It is

a form of body work that anybody can learn to do.

I have been doing Cardio-vascular screening for the last 2 years and haqve found that most people have more plaque in their arteries than they were aware of.

The supplement ProArgi-9+ is used to help clear out the arteries among many other useful things.

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Home based cardiovascular screening. sell supplement Pro ARGI-9T (heart remedy), teaches ortho-bionomy

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22 years

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Cardiovascular screening, Heart based Supplements - ProArgi9+

Ortho-Bionomy Sessions

Teaching Ortho-Bionomy classes

Scalar Wave low intensity Lazar sessions


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Church, Altrusa International Group, Literacy Programs, Ortho-bionomy Association of Canada

Mary Thiessen - Sales - Stanford Who's Who Certified

Marben Sales and Consulting